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At the Veranda in Concord, CA

Welcome to Caballeros Barber Lounge, a place that embodies the essence of modern, tradition, & timeless barbershops. Here, we’ve created a barbershop that’s not just about grooming, but about embracing the values of family and community.

At Caballeros, it’s our pleasure to offer a range of services, including fades, tapers, shear work, razor shaves, braids, and more. These skills are a reflection of our commitment to mastering the art of grooming.

But what truly sets us apart is the way we approach our craft. We don’t just see clients – we see family. It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Your experience is our priority, and we take pride in creating moments that you’ll cherish.

Caballeros Barber Lounge isn’t just a barbershop; it’s a celebration of the gentleman’s spirit. It’s a place where being a gentleman is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a lifestyle. So, join us at caballeros barber lounge where being a gentleman is always in style .

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